• Conservative treatment at Orthopedic Center Munich East

    The Orthopedic Center Munich East (OZMO/Orthopädiezentrum München Ost) offers a wide range of conservative methods for treating joint disorders, spinal disorders, and pain therapy.

    Dr. Ismail is a spinal specialist, while Dr. Balensiefen is an expert in hip and knee endoprosthetics and surgery of the foot and hand. Prof. Dr. med. Diehl mainly specializes in the shoulder and knee, and focuses on the following forms of therapy:

    • Cartilage therapy (hyaluronic acid therapy)
    • Blood plasma therapy (with growth factors)
    • Shockwave therapy
    • Infusion therapy (relieves pain and also has an anti-inflammatory effect)

    The treatments listed are performed on an outpatient basis at the practices, so there is no need for inpatient admission.