• Minimally invasive therapies at Orthopedic Center Munich East

    Minimally invasive therapeutic procedures involving the spine

    Dr. Ismail specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques involving the spine. This approach is based on microsurgery techniques and only requires minimal incisions.

    He mainly concentrates on minimally invasive therapies using high-precision needle, injection and puncture techniques. These leave no scars or only minimal scarring and many of these therapies can be performed on an outpatient basis. This helps patients to quickly resume a fully active life. In particular he has tremendous expertise in intervertebral disc prosthetics, as well as stabilization and correction of the spine.

    The non-fusion spine technique used by Dr. Ismail ensures that some movement can be preserved, even with stabilization surgery. These minimally invasive approaches make even these kinds of intervention a less daunting prospect.

    stabilization surgery of the spine

    non-fusion spine techniques

    Spinal decompression

    The broader range of minimally invasive spinal procedures performed by Dr. Ismail also include:


    Minimally invasive therapies for treating joint disorders including arthrosis

    These days, arthroscopic interventions, also referred to as keyhole surgery, are the preferred option for joint surgery (shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, or ankle). In many cases, an inpatient stay is no longer necessary. This helps patients return to work or resume sporting activities more quickly.

    The advantages of arthoscopic, minimally invasive, yet gentle procedures are:

    • most patients are able to go home the day of their surgery,
    • short healing periods due to minimal incisions,
    • minimal scarring,
    • less pain after the surgical procedure and
    • decreased loss of blood.

    Prof. Dr. med. Diehl concentrates to a large degree on minimally invasive knee and shoulder surgery, regenerative cartilage therapies, and the latest approaches to stem-cell therapy. A further key area of his surgical activity is hip joint arthroscopy (minimally invasive procedure for examining the hip). His two main specialty areas are in orthopedics and orthopedic/trauma surgery. He is also a certified sports orthopedist.

    Following most arthroscopic interventions you stay in a hotel with daily consultations in our outpatient clinic for 1-2 weeks after the procedure, beginning a training program that has been carefully coordinated with the individual healing process. The broad range of minimally invasive and arthroscopic procedures performed by Prof. Dr. med. Diehl include:





    Stem Cell Therapy

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    Sports Medicine, Chirotherapy and special orthopedic treatments of the hip, knee, foot and hand

    Dr. F.M. Balensiefen specializes in surgery of the hip and knee joints, as well as foot and hand surgery with a focus on minimally-invasive and muscle sparing hip arthroplasty. In cases of advanced arthrosis and constant pain an artifical joint is the remaining treatment of choice.

    Dr. F.M. Balensiefen is an international experienced expert in the field of athroplasty. He uses the very latest artificial surfaces (ceramic surfaces) that extend the durability of artificial joints and cause no allergies. Get more information regarding joint replacement treatments.

    Dr. F.M. Balensiefen also has qualifications in the fields of children's and sports orthopedics. Since 1996 he manages the national teams of the German Federal Hockey Association as co-responsible physician at World Championships and Olympic Games.