Shoulder instability and arthroscopic stabilisation

In the case of a dislocated shoulder, arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation is highly recommended as a gentle kind of operation – a minimally invasive surgery that effectively relieves the patient of pain.

Surgical instruments can be inserted through other small incisions and the torn parts of the anterior Labrum  will be reconstructed. Due to the arthroscopic gentle kind of operation most patients are able to go home  the day of their surgery.  Following the procedure you will stay in a hotel with daily consultations in our outpatient clinic and then begin a training programm that has been carefully coordinated with the healing process.

To ensure an optimal healing process, patients are required to wear a splint for approximately four weeks. Sports activities, such as football or boxing should not be resumed until after six to nine months at the earliest. The risk of a repeated shoulder dislocation varies from patient to patient. Statistically 90 percent of surgically stabilised shoulder joints remain stable.

Picture: MRI shoulder: torn parts oft he anterior labrum

Pictures: arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior labrum