Spine diseases

Injuries and diseases of the spine: Orthopädie Zentrum München Ost (OZMO)

The spine as the “bony center” of the body is the supporting structure for the upright gait and the support in the skeleton. It connects the bones of the extremities to each other and also serves as protection for the spinal cord, where the central nerve pathways are located. The spine itself consists of various individual elements that are connected by intervertebral discs. Thus, the spine gives the body stability and elasticity for movement at the same time.

Injuries and diseases of the spine compromise stability and the ability to move. Our team of experienced specialists at the Orthopaedic Center Munich East (OZMO) then offers you fast and reliable help: From diagnostics to modern therapy, our orthopaedists with comprehensive knowledge of spinal diseases, sports medicine and trauma surgery are available to provide you with the optimal assistance for recovery. Contact our practice team for a timely appointment at OZMO for spinal conditions and injuries.