Cartilage damage knee

Knee cartilage damage: cure limited, but sometimes possible

If there is a rubbing or even painful sensation in the joints, it may be due to cartilage damage in the knee. This usually arises from a defect in the cartilage structure, which occurs after an accident, but can also develop as wear and tear due to the natural wear and tear of the cartilage tissue. Since cartilage has only limited ability to regenerate, which also decreases with age, cartilage damage and its consequences are almost always dependent on proper treatment.

Once the cartilage tissue in a joint such as the knee has been damaged, it is important to avoid further damage to the joint, as otherwise not only severe pain will occur when the bones rub against each other, but the ability to move will also be restricted. Modern treatments aim at the best possible regeneration and preservation of cartilage substance, since in the last instance only a joint prosthesis can eliminate the symptoms.