Torn tendon on the shoulder

Surgery avoidance through conservative combination therapy

If the arm can no longer be moved sideways and severe pain radiates from the shoulder joint, this may be due to a torn tendon in the shoulder. The so-called rotator cuff rupture often occurs as a wear-related phenomenon when anatomical norm variants of the acromion load over a long period of time. Overexertion of the shoulder due to excessive overhead movements and activities away from the body can also cause an impairment that leads to a tendon tear in the shoulder.

A detailed examination with imaging techniques is used to specifically diagnose the tendon injury, which is one of the most common injuries caused by wear and tear. In this context, not only the affected tendon and muscle combination plays an important role for the course of therapy, but also the distinction between partial rupture and complete rupture. Learn about the therapies that help with rotator cuff tears and how conservative therapy offers good options, especially for older patients, in our article on tendon rupture in the shoulder.