Endoscopic / Arthroscopic surgery

Operations at the Orthopedic Center Munich East (OZMO)

Modern medicine has been making steady progress for decades. With modern medical technology and high-quality instruments, every patient today therefore benefits from innovative and comparatively gentle treatments, for example through endoscopic / arthroscopic surgery instead of conservative ops. The shortened healing process combined with efficient surgical techniques in the hands of experienced surgeons raises the quality of medical interventions to a new level. Our accomplished specialists at OZMO also prefer to use advanced treatments with endoscopy and arthroscopy to support your health.

Learn more about endoscopic / arthroscopic surgery at the Orthopedic Center Munich East (OZMO) and our team of accomplished specialists in minimally invasive surgery in the field of orthopedics and trauma surgery. Feel free to make an appointment for an individual consultation and treatment if you need endoscopic / arthroscopic surgery at OZMO.