Orthopedic Center Munich East

Welcome to our practice!

Our orthopedic center in Munich/Germany is home to Dr. F. Meinhard Balensiefen, Dr. Peter Diehl and Dr. Samer Ismail , three experienced international specialists. They would be delighted to see you here in Munich for examination, treatment, or even surgery.

We have tremendous experience, with many patients entrusting us with their care. In 2012 alone, we dealt with 8000 cases and performed more than 800 surgical interventions. Thanks to the interdisciplinary combinations covered by our orthopedic/trauma specialists (Dr. Balensiefen and Dr. Diehl) and our spinal specialist (Dr. Ismail), we are able to offer a comprehensive range of diagnostics, treatments, and care meeting the very latest clinical standards.

We also, of course, use the very latest in diagnostic procedures, such as MRI, digital X-ray, and measurement of the spine in 4D. Our treatment philosophy is very much focused on minimally invasive therapies, most of which are performed without an inpatient stay and allow you to quickly resume your day-to-day routine free from symptoms.


In best form for the season

The ice-hockey season is in full swing and the fans are ready for action and full of enthusiasm. Of course the German National ice-hockey player Jennifer Harß (age 23) is back on board.

Jennifer Harß

After a successful knee operation (meniscus) on the 10th of September 2013 performed by Dr. med. Peter Diehl at "Orthopedic Center Munich East" and a spezialized post-op therapeutic training the talented player was after only 6 weeks ready to hit the ice! This season she is playing for "ERC Sonthofen" in the Bavarian men's ice-hockey league as goalie. A strong female player that can easily keep up with the men!

OP Andi