Claw toes

Toe malposition of the toe middle joint

Claw to es is the name given to one of two common forms of toe deformities. Toe deformities are divided into claw toe and hammer toe. In claw toe, the toe medial joint is bent downward in a claw-like manner and extended upward in the metatarsophalangeal joint. In the case of hammer toe, it is exactly the opposite. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent serious consequences, which is why you should consider an appointment with an experienced orthopedist and podiatrist such as our Dr. med. Meinhard Balensiefen if you have changes in shape or foot complaints.

Learn basic information about claw toes and toe deformities and learn about causes and treatment options on our website. However, we will be happy to assist you personally. Make an appointment at the Orthopedic Center Munich East (OZMO) to initiate prompt treatment for claw toes.