Orthopedics for children

Orthopedics Center Munich East

Pediatric orthopedic disorders are deformities or diseases of the musculoskeletal system of children and adolescents. At our Orthopedic Center Munich East, we offer modern conservative and surgical treatment methods for pediatric orthopedic disorders. The aim is to be able to treat and heal congenital or acquired malformations in the area of the musculoskeletal system already in childhood. Examples of treatments we can offer you at the Orthopädie Zentrum München Ost:

  • conservative treatment
  • surgical interventions
  • preventive measures (for example hip dysplasia)

We also offer corset therapy using the latest techniques in our practice clinic for orthopedics in Munich. Modern corsets with different, ready-made fits can optimally support your child’s postural and musculoskeletal system and still allow a high degree of mobility. In this way, the gait pattern and also the posture can be improved. In all treatments of pediatric orthopedic conditions, we take a sensitive approach and respond to our young patients. We know that a visit to the doctor is a great challenge, especially for children, which is associated with certain fears. We want our young patients to feel cared for and safe.