What is scoliosis?

The medical term scoliosis refers to a fixed lateral curvature of the spine, which can occur in various degrees. This usually results from asymmetrical growth of the spine; as a result, rotation of the vertebral bodies also occurs. The result is that the spine can no longer perform its proper function.

Normally and in a healthy state, our spine acts, among other things, as a kind of shock absorber for the body. During normal walking, vibrations act on our body, which must be absorbed by the spine. With scoliosis, this is no longer possible.

Very often, scoliosis begins in childhood and adolescence, during important periods of growth. The vertebrae and also intervertebral discs shift, or rather twist. Deformations of the vertebral bodies occur, which eventually lead to a significant curvature and later also to a stiffening of the affected areas.