Shoulder joint arthritis

Good therapy often makes prosthesis avoidable

If arthrosis occurs in the shoulder joint, doctors refer to it as omarthrosis or shoulder joint arthrosis. Like all types of osteoarthritis, the degenerative disease is based on wear and tear, which can be caused by age or by chronic overuse and incorrect loading. A hereditary predisposition to osteoarthritis is also suspected due to familial clustering of cases, but is not considered to be unreservedly scientifically proven. The pain and immobility caused by osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint seemed for a long time to be corrected only with a prosthesis. Today, however, modern treatment options are available that make the use of a prosthesis avoidable or at least delay the need for it.

Like all types of osteoarthritis, the disease is still not considered curable and can only be alleviated in its course through early prevention and treatment. Working techniques that are gentle on the joints, the protection of joints after injuries and the preventive training of healthy movement sequences enable good prevention and ensure that mobility is maintained – often into old age.