Minimally invasive therapies at the Orthopaedic Center Munich East (OZMO)

Treatment methods in our practice for orthopedics

We offer modern, minimally invasive therapies at the Orthopedic Center Munich East (OZMO) for a wide range of diseases and injuries. The treatments have in common that only minor interventions in the body take place in favor of an accelerated healing process. Treatment success and reduced healing time are just two of the known benefits of minimally invasive therapies. As a specialist center for orthopedics, our three accomplished experts are available to help you with a wide variety of complaints. We use the most modern treatment options for your health with minimally invasive therapies.

We would be happy to welcome you to the Orthopädie Zentrum München Ost (OZMO) for a personal consultation and explain which minimally invasive therapies may be helpful for your diagnosis. Contact us for your appointment at OZMO.