Minimally invasive shoulder surgery

Orthopedic treatments and operations of the shoulder

Conservative treatment methods are not always sufficient to provide medical care for complaints in the shoulder and shoulder joint. Our shoulder specialist Prof. Dr. med. habil. Peter Diehl is one of three experts in our team who can assist you with the latest therapies for orthopedic treatment needs and can also help you with surgical procedures in shoulder surgery. From the detailed diagnostics in our well-equipped practice rooms to the successfully performed surgery – conservative or minimally invasive – to the hopefully successful conclusion of treatment, you are always in the best hands with our team at the Orthopedic Center Munich East (OZMO).

Check out our website for general information about shoulder conditions and injuries that can be treated with shoulder surgery. Learn more about our specialists and about our treatment spectrum at the Orthopedic Center Munich East (OZMO). Schedule your appointment with our shoulder surgery experts.