Foot Surgery at the Orthopaedic Center Munich East (OZMO)

Orthopedic treatments and operations on the foot

In the course of a lifetime, humans cover an average of around 100,000 km on their feet. The foot carries the weight of the body and its complex structure is what makes each individual step possible in the first place. Accordingly, foot health is important and can be improved with therapeutic treatments and foot surgery for foot injuries and diseases. At the Orthopaedic Center Munich East, an experienced team of specialists in orthopaedics and trauma surgery is at your disposal. As our expert in hand and foot surgery, Dr. med. Meinhard Balensiefen is available to provide you with a high level of expertise in consultation, diagnosis and treatment for diseases and injuries of the feet requiring orthopedic treatment.

Learn more about foot surgery at the Orthopaedic Center Munich East (OZMO). Read more about our accomplished team of specialized orthopedic surgeons and our treatment methods in orthopedics and surgery on the foot. Feel free to make an appointment with our practice team at OZMO.