Endoprosthesis or endoprosthetics – what is it actually?

An endoprosthesis is an artificial joint that can be used to replace another joint in the human body. The artificial implant serves as a joint replacement, which should remain in the body for as long as possible. Various reasons may be behind the use of a prosthesis. In most cases, these are age-related signs of wear and tear, such as osteoarthritis.

A wide variety of types of joints can be replaced during arthroplasty, such as:

  • Knee joint
  • Hip joint
  • Ankle joint

Endoprosthetics is used more frequently than average in Germany every year, so that the use of a knee prosthesis or other endoprosthesis is a routine procedure.

Endoprosthetics – what are the possible reasons?

If the affected joint is no longer fully functional due to signs of wear, injuries or accidents, endoprosthetics may be considered. One of the most important reasons, besides permanent pain, can be the restriction of movement. Other circumstances, which can speak for the use of prostheses:

  • Malpositions
  • Bone defects

Various goals are pursued with arthroplasty. First and foremost, it is intended to alleviate the pain that has arisen due to irreversibly damaged joints. Your quality of life should be improved and mobility restored.