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Dr. Lubos Clinic Munich-Bogenhausen

Orthopedic and surgical operations that require an inpatient stay are performed at the Dr. Lubos Clinic in Munich-Bogenhausen. The clinic offers the highest level of hygiene and medical technology care.



We perform outpatient surgery at the Isar AOP Center. For outpatient surgeries, the patient comes to the AOP center with 6 state-of-the-art operating rooms on the day of surgery and is discharged home the same day after the surgical procedure.



PD Dr. med. habil. Peter Diehl is preparing a multicenter study with the Rostock University Hospital for the clinical evaluation of stem cell treatments. The aim of stem cell therapy is to delay or avoid the implantation of an artificial joint in cases of joint arthrosis. A new feature of this method is that it is possible to filter stem and progenitor cells from the vascular walls of adipose tissue with the aid of a centrifuge that has been available in Europe since December 2011, in combination with tissue-soluble enzymes (collagenases). This cell suspension is injected into the joint at the end of arthroscopic surgery (arthroscopy). The great advantage of the method is that the body’s own cells are reintroduced into the body during the same operation. Due to the cell number obtained here, no expensive cultivation in the laboratory and thus no second procedure is necessary. The stem cell centrifuge is a development of InGeneron.



As a certified cartilage center, we are partners of CODON for modern regenerative treatment methods for knee pain caused by cartilage damage (e.g. biological renewal of articular cartilage). As part of a multicenter study, you can have cartilage defects treated in a joint-preserving manner at our clinic without co-payment. You will receive intensive care tailored to your needs, including aftercare.


Vanden Berge Golf

Partner in the analysis, diagnosis and therapy of golf-specific, faulty movement patterns and damage to the musculoskeletal system.