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Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. habil. Johannes Schauwecker

Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery

Additional qualification in manual medicine and chiropractic, hip and knee specialist, certified main surgeon for endoprosthetics

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  • Hip and knee replacement

  • Joint-preserving hip and knee surgery

  • Arthroscopy and cartilage therapy hip and knee joint

Dr. med. habil. Schauwecker here:

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OP experience

  • 2200+ hip and knee replacement surgeries
    900+ hip endoprosthesis implantations
    350+ hip arthroplasty replacement
    700+ knee endoprosthesis implantations
    250+ knee endoprosthesis replacement

  • 1600+ Joint-preserving operations on the hip and knee joint
    1300+ hip arthroscopies
    300+ knee joint arthroscopies

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. habil. Schauwecker

Dr. Johannes Schauwecker is an experienced specialist in innovative arthroscopic therapy procedures and minimally invasive joint replacement of the hip and knee joints. Dr. Schauwecker studied medicine in Berlin and Munich. In 2003, he began his residency training as an orthopedic and trauma surgeon at the University Hospital rechts der Isar, which he continued at the Dachau Clinic and later again at the University Hospital rechts der Isar. Dr. Schauwecker has been a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery since 2010. In 2012, he became an attending physician and in January 2016, he became chief resident. Dr. Schauwecker specialized in the treatment of hip and knee joints at an early stage. The holistic view of his patients and the exhaustion of non-surgical therapeutic measures are particularly important to him. For this reason, he also successfully completed additional training in manual medicine and chiropractic. Due to his extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Schauwecker has been a certified primary surgeon for joint replacement surgery for 9 years and holds the additional designation of Special Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Schauwecker has authored numerous scientific publications in national and international journals and has given lectures and organized congresses. Due to his outstanding competence and experience, Dr. Schauwecker continues to be in great demand for national and international scientific lectures as well as a professional examiner at the Bavarian Medical Association.

After twelve years at the University Hospital rechts der Isar and more than 3000 surgeries, Dr. Schauwecker joins the Orthopedic Center Munich East in October 2017.