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OZMO Newsletter – March 2023

Uncomplicated and accurate diagnosis of back problems with 4D spine measurement

With the innovative 4D spine measurement, an exact image of the spine can be created. This allows the causes of back pain, posture weaknesses and leg length discrepancies to be identified quickly and without any strain on the body.
The state-of-the-art, light-optical and, above all, radiation-free measurement procedure creates a three-dimensional view of the spine. The patient stands on a load-sensitive balance scale while the projector projects a light grid onto the back, which is recorded by a video camera. These measurement data are transmitted to the computer, which thus calculates the entire spine.
This then makes it easy to prescribe an exercise plan as well as compensation for misalignments, through custom-made shoe inserts or an adjusted girdle.
Please feel free to contact us about 4D spine measurement.

You ask – we answer: knee osteoarthritis and hyaluronic acid

In knee osteoarthritis, there is a gradual breakdown of the cartilage in the knee joint over the years. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for the protective properties of synovial fluid and is therefore its most important component.
Injections with hyaluronic acid are a proven treatment method in early stages of osteoarthritis.
But is it also useful for arthrosis to take hyaluron orally? Again and again, one comes across corresponding advertisements in everyday life, and many patients ask us this question.
There are actually studies that show even an intake of hyaluron (80-240 mg) can improve discomfort.
However, the best results were achieved by those subjects who accompanied the study with a muscle strengthening program at the same time. This again shows how important physical activity in particular is, even in osteoarthritis. Certainly, both in combination can be a complement to the respective osteoarthritis therapy. Please feel free to contact us here as well.

If you have any questions, please write to us at: m.brunckhorst@oz-mo.de