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OZMO Newsletter – December 2022

New form of therapy for osteoarthritis patients. The EMTT® method has recently been applied by the doctors at the OZMO in Haar.

Patients with advanced osteoarthritis can have hope. Because when the cartilage is already largely used up and the impact loads are passed on to the joint bone unchecked, inflammation often develops, which is responsible for the main pain. If anti-inflammatory injections or tablets then no longer help, the only choice is often a prosthesis. But this is precisely where the new EMTT® process offers an alternative.

Extracorporeal magnetotransduction therapy, or EMTT® for short, is a further development of the acknowledged effective magnetic field therapy with now high-energy magnetic pulses.

For the treatment, a therapy loop is positioned on the pain zone without you as the patient having to remove your clothing. Subsequently, the high-energy magnetic pulses are transferred to the body, where they unfold their effect. The new EMTT® method differs from other forms of magnetic field therapy by its higher oscillation frequency and magnetic field strength, the pulse intensity of which exceeds the earth’s magnetic field by a factor of 1000. The high energy with corresponding penetration depth can stimulate the inflamed bone cells to regenerate. Cell metabolism can be reactivated and physiological processes can be normalized. One treatment lasts between 5 and 20 minutes and is performed in 6-8 sessions, depending on the severity and response to therapy.

The result: “It doesn’t cure osteoarthritis, but …” says Professor Diehl of the OZMO, “… we know that there are many patients who walk without symptoms even with advanced osteoarthritis because they don’t have inflammation in the bone.” There is a chance that the healing of the bone inflammation initiated by the EMTT® treatment will result in a longer lasting pain-free phase. A ray of hope for osteoarthritis patients who were previously considered to be out of treatment. This intensive form of magnetic field treatment can also be used for tendonitis, sports injuries or pain therapy, especially in the spine. Healing processes can thus be improved, pain reduced and surgery avoided.

Perhaps the EMTT® treatment is also suitable for you – come to our consultation hours, we will be happy to advise you.