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OZMO company excursion – rafting tour

The OZMO team in action day after day, always focused on the well-being of our patients

Without this dedicated team, the work of our experts would often not be possible. Therefore it was obvious to prove this great team spirit at a rafting event at the Walchsee.
The history of whitewater sports goes back to the 60s, and rafting is one of the sports that provide a decent adrenaline rush but also require a lot of team spirit. The idea of riding a rubber boat down a raging river, plunging down waterfalls, sounds not entirely harmless and just very much like a thrill. Not for the faint of heart. You fight together against what nature has to offer. We thought exactly this joint fighting is the right experience for our OZMO company outing this year.

All employees on board, and off they went on the Große Ache for a damp and cheerful boat trip. It turned out to be a day that brought the OZMO team even closer together, no sport revolves around the shared experience, enjoyment and success as a team like whitewater rafting. In addition, this wild trip took us to places that are not even accessible without a boat. That’s exactly what is special about rafting besides the thrill – you get to know nature from a side, in a way that not many people can see it.

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Therefore our all summary at the end of the day

A feast for the eyes, fun, in short, an experience for all, and it proved how well this team is attuned to each other. Each individual colleague looks to the other. Sometimes just a glance is enough to know what the other person wants or needs. Sometimes the protective arm is put around the neighbor, who looks a bit scared. Of course, there was also a lot of loud laughter together when the wave broke over the boat and everything was suddenly under water. No one was squeamish, even if they had to leave the boat completely wet and freezing at the end. Happy faces were on everyone’s faces, and once again it was shown what team spirit the OZMO employees have.

And that is exactly our motto: one for all and all for one. That is why for many years our patients have felt well cared for at OZMO. The entire team strives every day to attend to all concerns as if it were their own business. This is what distinguishes our expertise. This enormous cohesion this WE-feeling TOGETHER for our patients and we will not change anything. Our promise to you. Thank you for your trust.

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