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OZMO Newsletter – October 2023

Hiking is the miller’s delight – fall is hiking season

Today we are looking at a sport that is particularly popular in the fall, and although hiking is generally considered a gentle sport, people with joint problems, especially in the kneecap area, should be careful. For all other hikers, however, the OZMO experts have a few tips to help you continue to enjoy the mountain air pain-free and prevent injuries.

Correct route planning

This is particularly important in order to take the terrain into account. Gravel or sand paths are potentially more dangerous than level ground, as you can easily slip on stones and gravel and injure yourself. Therefore, make sure you choose routes with a surface that is as flat as possible.

Correct self-assessment

Are you a beginner or an experienced mountaineer? How much experience and fitness do you have? These questions will help you choose the perfect route for you and your joints. As a beginner, you should start with a tour of a maximum of two hours and choose easy routes.

Additional support with trekking poles

These are a popular option to provide additional stability for the joints and back when hiking. However, it is important to use the poles correctly and adjust their length depending on the terrain. On a flat route, the poles should be set at elbow height, while they should be shortened on an ascent and lengthened on a descent.

The right choice of footwear

This also plays a decisive role on a mountain tour. Sneakers are unsuitable for hiking as they do not provide sufficient support and stability. Instead, you should choose sturdy hiking boots that reach over the ankle to prevent you from twisting your ankle.

Preparation through cycling

Almost all of the body’s muscles are used and it is easy on the joints at the same time. It is best to start with 30 minutes of cycling a day, about three to four times a week. In this way, you not only improve your fitness, but also strengthen your joints for the upcoming challenges in the mountains. In conclusion, good preparation and knowledge of your own limits are the key to a pain-free mountain tour.

We wish you a wonderful fall Your OZMO team.